promises to sales professionals

Our Promises To Sales Professionals

Just as we intend to play by the rules for our valued clients, we publicly declare to honor these principles for our employees. Designed to empower our people to take their careers to the highest level, we firmly stand behind these ten promises.

As a financially independent, employee-controlled company, Beyond operates with the privilege of doing business the right way for all of its constituents. We are fundamentally committed to transparency and the highest level of ethics in our business practices. We publish and uphold the Beyond Promises as a core component of our mission and values, knowing they create legally binding rights that the vast majority of our competitors would never give their customers or employees.

Our compensation model is clear, consistent and has been proven since 1994. We pay weekly signing bonuses, monthly residuals and provide for the creation of portfolio equity. This compensation model will never be changed retroactively, meaning that what’s yours today is always yours. You will promptly receive your earnings and have the opportunity to build lasting wealth.

Own your portion of our client portfolio quickly, with one of the shortest vesting periods in the industry. As a vested team member, we will honor your contract and your right to residuals even if you leave Beyond. Should you choose to sell portions of your portfolio, there will be opportunities to sell it back to the company at 30 times the monthly value.

Make your own schedule, work the hours you want, and sell anywhere at any time. At Beyond, you’ll have the freedom to create a work-life balance that fits your lifestyle.

As a Beyond sales representative, you will serve as a true advocate for your clients with the right to sell or refer any, and all, products in our suite. You will not be restricted to a product, territory or geographic location.

Share in the wealth and excitement of employee ownership. Beyond offers opportunities to be a stockholder in the company we build together.

With dedication to your growth, we will encourage personal development by providing quality training, support, consistent communication and resources to drive your success and career advancement. Ongoing training, regular sales events and prize incentives will be offered—and top performers will be recognized.

Our professional, US-based service center provides effective underwriting, efficient onboarding, and excellent customer service for your clients. Expect the best service in the industry.

Receive full benefits—medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, plus a 401(k) plan with company match. To help through difficult times, our employee-funded organization, Beyond Cares, does its best to provide financial relief for fellow employees facing sudden hardship caused by external factors such as natural disasters or violence.

Provide your clients with solutions that will make an impact, while simultaneously giving back. Simply by working for Beyond, you can help make a difference for students who have faced adversity, thanks to our founding partner and beneficiary Give Something Back (Give Back).

Beyond is committed to these Sales Professional Promises and will continue to support our team members with these principles in mind. They will be upheld as written and may be updated to address changes in our industry or practices—but never retroactively. What’s yours today is always yours.

Join a team that is dedicated to helping you succeed.

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